Puppy and Pumpkins-1

Pumpkin for Pets? Nom Nom Nom!

Let’s face it: diving into fall is WAY better when pumpkin treats are involved. Did you know that your pet probably feels the same way? Even if pumpkin isn’t really your thing, there are some pretty...


Easy Dog Treat Recipe: Apple Pie Pup-Cakes

Can Dogs Eat Apples? The simple answer is "YES!" There can be some confusion about whether or not to give your dog apples, but apples are a great crispy, healthy treat for your little fur-buddy. You...


Summer Snacks: Cool Frozen Treats to Help Your Doggie Beat the Heat

To us two-leggers, there’s nothing quite like a tasty frozen treat on a hot summer day. Well, your dog feels the same way. And it’s especially important since our pups don’t sweat the way we do. So...