How to survive puppy teething

3 Tips for Surviving Puppy Teething

Puppy teething is no walk in the park. From the incessant chewing on everything around the house to finding puppy teeth stuck in your carpet, the stages of teething can be a difficult time for both...

Oral Hygiene and the Health of Your Pet

Good Oral Hygiene for the Optimal Health of Your Pet

You love your pet and you care about their health. You feed them quality dog food, you make sure they get plenty of exercise, and you take them to the vet for routine checkups. But how much thought...


The Bone Bar at Central Pet

You have probably seen our ‘Bone Bar’ before when you come into our stores and you may have asked yourself, what is a Bully Stick? Bully sticks are a single ingredient dog treat. The only ingredient...