FAQ: Training

When should I start training my dog?

Now! Any age is a good age to begin training. If you have a new puppy, training can start as early as 8 weeks of age. Snake Avoidance Training can begin as young as 6 months, not younger.

Senior dog? No problem! It turns out that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Training your dog helps to ensure that your pet becomes, and stays, a lifelong companion. Regardless of your dog's age, we can help!

What types of training do you offer?

At Central Pet, we understand that no two dogs are alike. Because of this, we offer individual training at home or on-site, group classes, and our famous Board & Train program. We cover basic obedience, snake & toad avoidance, and more! Additionally, Canine Good Citizen classes will be offered in the near future. 

Request to join a class or call our trainer today for a consultation to discuss your goals.

What makes Central Pet training different from other training?

It works! Our dog trainer has load of experience with dogs and understands that every dog is unique and that cookie-cutter training doesn't work for every pet. We get to know you and your pet personally; your personalities, wants and needs. This allows us to customize each lesson to your pup in a way that they relate to. Our years of proven results speak for themselves! Interested in learning more? Contact our trainer today!

Do you offer consultations?

Yes! In order to recommend the correct class or style of training, we offer professional and thorough consultations to get to know both you and your pet. Contact our trainer to schedule yours today!

What method of training do you use?

Our trainers use Positive Behavior Reinforcement, which uses a positive reward (treat, toy, ball, praise, etc) for desired behaviors. This method develops an internal motivation for the dog to listen, and is a powerful tool for shaping and changing your dog's behavior. 

Will you use a chain collar/spike collar to train my dog?

We feel strongly that you should be 100% comfortable with our training methods. While chain collars might be a good fit for some, they are definitely not a good fit for others. As we get to know both you and your dog, our trainer will make personalized recommendations for you and your dog.

Do I need to bring anything to class besides my dog?

We ask that you bring your dog in on a leash and collar or harness. During your first training session, our trainer will let you know if there are any tools or treats that she recommends to aid in your dog's training. From there, you can bring your dog's treats, or treats are available for purchase in our lobby.

Please, bring HIGH-QUALITY treats. We know some people use their dogs' food, but in order to maintain their attention during class with a lot of distractions, we recommend new, high-value treats for training.

I have 2 dogs. Does training them both cost more?

Training fees are charged on a per-dog basis. On occasion, there may be a discount for a second dog from the same family and our staff will be sure to let you know when such an opportunity arises! Should you want to train more than one dog at a time, we ask that you bring one human handler for each dog in attendance.

What's best? In-home training, group classes or Board and Train?

That's up to you! We make training recommendations based on your dog's specific needs. Contact our trainer for a professional and thorough consultation to discuss your options and make an educated decision.

How long does training take?

Our group classes run for 6 weeks, depending on the class. Individual training sessions usually take place one hour at a time and are not bundled into any set number of visits. Our Snake & Toad avoidance classes take about 15 minutes and we recommend taking a refresher course once a year, as needed. Lastly, our Board & Train programs run for 2 weeks, during which your pet will board with us and train daily. Customized plans can also be discussed. 

Is there a "missed-class" make up policy?

We know that life doesn't always go as planned! If something comes up and you miss a class, simply let the trainer know. There is usually a 6th week optional class for clients who may not have made it to every appointment. If you know in advance that you will miss one or more of the class dates, inform your trainer so that we can help you stay on track and get the most out of your dog training classes.

Where do you hold group classes?

Our group classes are held on-site at our Tucson location. They take place in our training room in the STAY building. 

What is Snake & Toad Avoidance Training?
Snake & Toad Avoidance training classes are life-saving training sessions that every dog in Arizona should attend! During these training sessions you pet will learn to recognize a deadly rattlesnake or poisonous Colorado River Toad by sight, sound and smell. Snake avoidance and toad avoidance are held on different days and are separate classes, each of which takes about 15 minutes to complete with your pup. Despite being such a short lesson, the training is highly effective. Every year we receive letters and phone calls from clients, thanking us, when their pet alerted them to (and avoided) a rattlesnake or toad. Snake bites can cost thousands of dollars to treat and rarely end in the dog surviving the attack. Taking 15 minutes, once a year, to walk through our snake or toad course can help prevent your dog from injury or death. For more information, visit our class description pages: Rattlesnake Avoidance and Toad Avoidance **These courses are held on a seasonal basis and are first come, first serve. In order to ensure the ultimate safety of your pet, e-collars are utilized during these sessions. 
Who is your trainer and what experience do they have?
Visit our "Meet Our Trainers" page for all the details on our dog trainers!
My dog has a handicap/medical issue. Can you still train them?

If your dog is deaf, blind, missing a limb or suffering from a mental or physical disability, it doesn't mean they can't be taught! While they may lack the means to perform as well as some of their counterparts, they still enjoy the challenges and rewards of dog training. (And the personal time with you!) Call our trainer to discuss your pet's special needs and we'll be sure to help you find a good fit!

Do you train aggressive dogs?

Our trainers have a special place in her heart for our less-amiable guests. They have worked with numerous dogs who display aggression for one reason or another and has been able to rehabilitate and find forever homes for many of them. If your dog displays and aggressive tendencies, contact our trainer to discuss their history. We'll help find the right setting and approach to get your pup on the right track!

My dog has gone back to old behaviors after training. Why?

While this doesn't happen often, it can occur when pet parents struggle with maintaining the consistency needed to retain their pet's training. Don't feel bad! Training is a lifetime commitment and it can be easy to let things slide when those big eyes look up at you. If you feel your pet needs a refresher, contact our trainer and discuss your concerns. Many times, these scenarios are resolved through only 1 or 2 one-on-one sessions where our trainer can identify the missing link and help you to resolve the issue.

How many people/dogs are in the group classes?

We want to ensure that everyone who attends our classes gets the attention they need. Because of this, we keep our classes small and usually cap them at 4-6 people.

How do I get started?

It's easier than you might think  Contact our trainer today to schedule your consultation. We'll discuss your pet's history, your wants, needs, and get to know your pet so we can help you select the best training approach for both you and them! Call today!