Salon, Spa, & Grooming Services

The Necessities

Dog Bath
$20 - $120

Includes nail trim, anal expression, ear cleaning, and brush out. Anal glad expressions are only included for dogs under 30 lbs. Check with the team for accurate pricing for your dog.

Cat Bath or Groom
$75 - $150

Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out, and cut, trim, or shave. Check with the team for accurate pricing for your cat.

Dog Groom
$50 - $200

Includes nail trim, anal expression, ear cleaning, brush out, and cut, trim, or shave. Check with the team for accurate pricing for your dog.

Add-On Services

Blueberry Facial

Tearless, brightening shampoo that eliminates that "wet dog" smell and brightens white coats.

Flea & Tick Dip

Medicated bath for the removal of fleas & ticks and soothing treatment of bug bites. Flea & Tick prevention/repellents can be purchased in-store.

Mineral Allergy Shampoo

A specialty shampoo for pets and pet owners who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies.

Spa Package

Includes luxury shampoo & conditioner, teeth brushing, nose butter & paw waxing.

Mud Treatment

A luxurious mud bath treatment to shine and soften your pet's coat.

Skunk Deodorizer

A highly-effective deodorizing shampoo is used to eliminate the odor on pets that have been sprayed by skunks.

À La Carte Grooming Services

Nail Trim

Nail clipping by a professional, certified groomer.

Dremel Nails

Nail griding is an alternative to nail clipping. Especially helpful for pets who are fearful of nail clippers.

Paw Waxing

A luxurious wax applied to your pet's feet (paws) to soften and protect from cracks, calluses, and other damage caused by concrete or rocky terrain.

$10 - $20

Loosening and removal of the undercoat that helps to prevent excess shedding and aide in annual coat-blowing.

Anal Expression

Anal gland expression by a professional, experienced, and certified groomer. Expressed externally only.

Teeth Brushing

Regular brushing of your pet's teeth helps to remove plaque & tartar build-up and helps to fight gum disease.

$15 - $25

Gentle removal of matts in cats & dogs. Be aware that removal of matts may reveal irritated skin or wounds that have been caused by matting.


Certified, Professional Pet Grooming in Tucson

Grooming your dog or cat at Central Pet is a unique experience that includes stress-free pampering by our highly-trained groomers. Our grooming services are offered six days a week to fit your busy schedule. We offer stand-alone grooming services, or you can schedule grooming as a departure service after a boarding stay or a day of doggy daycare.

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