Additional Services for Boarding Guests


Dog Bath
$20 - $120

Includes nail trim, anal expression, ear cleaning, and brush out.

Dog Groom
$50 - $200

Includes nail trim, anal expression, ear cleaning, brush out, and cut, trim or shave.

Cat Bath or Groom
$75 - $150

Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out, and cut, trim or shave.

Spa Package

Includes luxury shampoo and conditioner, teeth brushing, nose butter, and paw waxing.

Nail Trim

Nail clipping by a professional, certified groomer.

Dremel Nails

Nail grinding is an alternative to nail clipping. Especially helpful for pets who are fearful of nail clippers.

Blueberry Facial

A tearless, brightening shampoo that eliminates that "wet dog" smell and brightens white coats.

Anal Expression

By a professional, experienced, and certified groomer! Expressed externally only.

Paw Waxing

A luxurious wax applied to your pet's feet to soften and protect from cracks, calluses, and damage caused by concrete or rocky terrain.

Teeth Brushing

Regular brushing of your pet's teeth helps to remove plaque and tartar build up and helps to fight gum disease.

$10 - $20

Loosening and removal of the undercoat that helps to prevent excess shedding and aide in annual coat-blowing.

$15 - $25

Gentle removal of matts in cats and dogs. Be aware that removal of matts may reveal irritated skin or wounds that have been caused by matting.

Mud Treatment

A luxurious mud bath treatment to shine & soften the coat of your pet.

Mineral Allergy Shampoo

A specialty shampoo for pets and pet owners who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies.

& Activity

Doggy Daycare

Let your pup romp and play all day with our other Doggy Daycare guests! Dogs over 6 months must be spayed/neutered. Participation in daycare is contingent on passing a temperament test. The one-time charge of $32 does apply. 

Personalized Play

Whether your pet prefers playing frisbee and tug-of-war or taking a long stroll and rolling around in the grass, our staff will ensure they get the quality time they are used to at home. This playtime can provide new sights, sounds and smells to exercise and entertain your pup.

& Tummy Rubs

Turndown Service

This nightly activity includes a gourmet treat of your choice, an extra trip to the play yard and some quality snuggles with our staff before bed.

Marrow Bone

A delicious treat that also provides hours of mental stimulation. Great for nervous or anxious pups!

Kong Time

Frozen Kong filled with the treats of your choice provides a healthy snack as well as hours of mental stimulation. Great for nervous or anxious pups!


This delicious pup-friendly, meat flavored treat makes a wonderful bed time snack as well as a refreshing mid-day treat during Tucson's hot summer months.


3 Pic Package

3 photos emailed to you during your pets stay and 1 photo printed at checkout.

7 Pic Package

7 photos emailed to you during your pets stay and 2 photos printed at checkout.


Overnight Pet Boarding at Central Pet in Tucson

Whether you need us to follow your daily routine, give medications, feed them special foods, or cuddle with them before bed, we're happy to care for your pet while you are away. Our highly-trained and educated staff are here to help you enjoy your time apart and ensure that you bring home a happy and healthy pet. For pet boarding in Tucson, request a reservation at Central Pet. 

Request a dog boarding reservation at central pet az