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Training Classes Pricing & Details

train1 - beginner training for dogs

Beginner Training

An introduction to training for dogs over 6 months. In the beginner class, we work on basic commands, impulse control, socialization, and strategies for handling unwanted behaviors. 

6 Week Course


Intermediate Training

Further challenge your dog to focus on you and to listen more consistently. The intermediate class focuses on strengthening basic commands, walking by handler’s side, challenging impulse control, and challenging basic skills with distance, duration, and increased distractions. Beginner and/or Puppy Training is a prerequisite. 

6 Week Course

dog - board and train

Board & Train

A highly effective form of training for pet parents with busy schedules. Your dog will board with us for 2 weeks, receiving daily care and training. Upon completion, an exit interview will be scheduled to show you everything your pet has learned and exactly what you need to do to transition them home, allowing you to pick up a happy, well-trained pup. Price includes 2 weeks of boarding. 

2 Minimum


Tricks Class

Tricks are an exciting addition to the training your dog already has under its belt. It adds a fun element to keep your dog engaged and to continue to challenge your dog mentally and physically, as well as burning so much needed energy. 

Requirements: Must complete one puppy, basic or intermediate class at Central Pet or The Complete Canine.

dog training at central pet-advanced

Advanced Training

Continue to challenge your dog and perfect his/her commands. This class includes basic preparations for het CGC Test. 

Requirements: Must complete an intermediate class at Central Pet or The Complete Canine.



Consult with a dog training expert at Central Pet. During this consultation, we will discuss your dog's bad habits and behavioral issues to identify some training goals. From there, we will recommend a training plan for your dog that fits your needs. 


Additional Training Services

train dogs and puppies for basic obedience

Basic Obedience

From potty training and basic commands to walking properly on a leash and appropriate behavior, Basic Obedience covers everything you need for dogs of ALL ages, including puppy training. Ensure that both you and your pet have the skills you need to be lifelong companions. 

6 Week Course
(1x per week, 45-minutes)

snake - snake avoidance training for dogs

Snake Avoidance

Save your pet's life by teaching them to recognize and avoid venomous rattlesnakes. In just 15 minutes your dog will learn how to identify a rattlesnake by sight, sound, and smell. Annual refreshers are recommended. 

Seasonal, 15-Minute Session


Toad Avoidance

Starting Summer 2024. Call to sign up! 


We DO NOT issue refunds on training services, but we are happy to put your payment towards future services with our company.