Attention Central Pet Customers: Effective Monday, 1/23/2023, our PLAY location has merged with our Stay location. We will continue to offer all of our pet services at our location on 2420 N. Jackrabbit Road.

FAQ: Boarding

What are the check-in & check-out times for boarding?

Drop-Off/Pick-Up is not available on Sundays. 

For boarding, you can drop off or pick up your pet anytime during normal business hours, except Sundays. For your convenience, we recommend dropping off your pet at least 1 hour before closing to ensure that they have plenty of time to adapt before shift change. We also recommend picking up boarding guests before noon on the day of departure, as pick-ups done after noon will carry an additional night's charge for their room. The noon cut-off time is not affected by the time of drop-off at the beginning of the reservation. 

A deposit of 50% of your total bill is collected at the time of check-in for all boarding clients.
* The boarding deposit will be deducted from your bill total upon checkout.

How are boarding fees calculated?

Boarding room rates are charged per night.  On the day of arrival, guests may be dropped off at any time during normal business hours, although we do recommend dropping off no later until an hour before closing.  On the scheduled date of departure, check out is at noon.  However, you may pick up your pet anytime during business hours with the understanding that pets picked up after noon will incur an additional night's fee.

Can I Pick-Up/Drop-Off my pet outside of normal business hours?

Drop-Off/Pick-Up is not available on Sundays.

Under certain circumstances, we do allow pick up or drop off outside of normal business hours.  Arrangements must be made prior to check in to ensure that staff is available to assist you. Pets being picked up outside of normal business hours must have their account paid in full prior to pick up as staff will be unable to process payment outside of normal business hours. Pick-ups are not allowed on Sundays.

Can I make a reservation online?

To ensure that all of your needs are met, we do not offer online reservations.  However, we do offer online Reservation Requests!  Simply complete the form and one of our amazing team members will contact you to book your reservation and ensure that we have all of the needed information to provide the very best care for your little ones!

Do you ever reach maximum capacity?

Yes we do!  It is always recommended that you make your boarding reservation a week in advance (2-4 weeks in advance for holidays).  While we often fill up, it is still possible that we can accommodate last minute guests, so always give us a call to verify availability.

What is the daily schedule like for my dog?

Great question!  We want your pet to feel right at home when staying with us.  We ensure that they are taken to a private play yard at least 5 times per day.  In addition, feeding is done at 6am, 12pm and 5pm.  Have a special routine that you would like us to follow?  No problem!  For an a minimal fee, we offer doggy daycare, walks, treadmill time, one on one play time, turn down services and more, to ensure that your pet's schedule is not interrupted.  Ask us about our Additional Services and we'll help you customize a stay that works for you and your pet!

Are cats and other animals kept separate from dogs?

Always.  Our feline guests have their own room that is located away from our canine guests and boasts cat trees, cat toys, cozy beds and scratching posts.  Other small animals will have their enclosures placed in our lobby or employee areas.

Do you board puppies/kittens?

We do!  When it comes to puppies we do require that they are at least 9 weeks of age and have had their first 2 rounds of Parvo vaccinations.  For kittens, we require that they are at least 8 weeks of age and have had their FVRCP vaccination.  If you want to start basic commands and ensure your pup is socialized, ask about starting our Doggy Daycare or Play & Train sessions!

Do you board pets with medical issues?

Our staff are highly trained and able to handle the majority of pre-diagnosed medical issues during your pet's stay.  Please keep in mind that we are not a veterinarian, nor do we have one on staff.  However, if your vet has given you instructions or medications that you would like us to administer, we are happy to do so.  While we are able to care for numerous conditions, there are still occasions when we will be unable to assist in the care of your pet.  These situations include any contagious disease or illness as well as pets who will need end of life care during their stay.  If you have questions or would like to discuss your personal situation in more detail, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

What type of exercise will my dog get while boarding?

Every canine guest room includes at least 5 daily trips out to a private play yard.  This means that your pet will not only get to use the restroom regularly, but will get to run and romp in the grass, splash in the summer pools and play on the yard equipment, too!  

Do you offer group play for boarding dogs?

Doggy Daycare is our most popular add-on for our boarding guests.  When you opt-in, your pup will spend their days in our supervised daycare rooms, running and playing with our other guests.  A live stream of our daycare room is available online via our "View Your Pet" webcams.  We do require that all daycare participants pass a Temperament Test prior to entry.  If you would like to arrange for your pup to take this test, simply fill out the application and we will contact you to schedule a date.

What should I bring while my pet is boarding there?

We allow our boarding guests to bring in a few toys, food, treats, bedding, leash, collar, and any medications or personal care items.  If you prefer, we are happy to feed your dog or cat our kennel kibble, however a sudden change to a pet's diet may cause intestinal distress and diarrhea.  For those pets who do not come in with their own bedding, we provide cots and beds to all of our guests.  If you are bringing in food, medications or medical care supplies, we ask that you provide us with enough for a few extra days, just in case things don't go as planned and you are unable to return by your scheduled date of departure.

Do you offer day boarding?

Yes!  For dogs that are less social or unable to pass the Temperament Test, day boarding is a wonderful alternative.  Your pet will stay in one of our standard rooms and will be regularly taken to a  private play yard.  Ask about adding on some Treadmill time or a Play & Train session to ensure your pup is getting all the activity they need!

When my dog comes home from boarding, he/she drinks a TON of water! Don't you give water there?

We get asked this question all the time! Please rest assured that your dog has clean water available 24 hours a day.  Some dogs don’t drink as much while boarding due to the extra amount of mental stimulation they experience by being in new surroundings.   (With all the new sights, sounds, smells and people, they can get overly excited and focus less on drinking.)  While this is common, know that we monitor your pet's water intake and we will contact you or a vet should your pet refuse to drink for 24 hours.  (Although this scenario is rare).  If your dog drinks in excess when they get home, simply keep an eye on how much water they drink in short periods as drinking large amounts of water too quickly may cause vomiting.  

Is it OK to call and check on my pet while I'm away?

Feel free to call us any time during business hours to get an update on your pet.  We understand how much you miss them and we want you to know that we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Is someone at the kennel 24 hours a day? What happens if there is an emergency?

Great question!  We have staff on site 22 hours a day, every day of the year.  The only time the facility is unmanned is during shift change when night staff comes on and subsequently departs.  Our facilities are locked and set with top of the line security systems.  We also have video cameras running inside and outside of the facility at all times.  In case of an emergency, we have on-call staff within a few miles of each building, as well as fire alarms and smoke detectors.  The safety of your pet is our number one priority at all times.

My pet takes several medications. Will you give my pet these medications? Is there a charge?

We are happy to administer any medication your pet requires from pills and vitamins to injections and sub-cutaneous fluids.  There is a charge of $2 for each medication, each time it is given, with a daily cap of $6.  Injections or sub-cutaneous fluids are $5 each time they are given with no daily cap.  Our administering staff have been highly trained to ensure that your pet gets the best possible care during their stay.  

Does Central Pet provide food for my pet or do I have to bring in my own?

We are happy to provide food to your canine or feline pet during their stay. Our canine guests will enjoy Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice kibble, while our feline guests will be served Taste of the Wild kibble.

Effective May 23, 2022, Central Pet will charge $1 per meal for all clients that request to have us feed our provided food. This policy change is due to the ongoing supply chain shortages and the constant rise in prices. This is an effort to continue to keep our current prices and continue said service. We highly encourage all clients to provide their own food to avoid upset stomachs in their pets. There is no additional charge for bringing your own food.

If you have any questions regarding our kennel food policy, please ask one of our Customer Service Representatives at check-in or reach out via email/phone.

If your pet suffers from allergies, we request that you bring in their usual food from home. Be aware that any sudden switch in your pet's diet may cause gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea. For this reason, bringing in their usual diet is highly recommended.