When we first moved to Tucson we were concerned about being able to find a safe place for our two little Yorkies to stay.  We travel quite a bit and, coming from someone who usually has trusted family to babysit, it’s HARD to find anywhere that we truly feel safe leaving them.  Until we found Central Pet!  This place is amazing!  It’s about as close to home as you can get.  My babies were brushed out daily, socialized in group play every day, and even got a “Turn Down” service before bed where the amazing staff would take them for an evening stroll, give them a fancy treat and then come in and cuddle with them in their room before tucking them in for the night.   I’ve never seen a team of people care so much for animals.  Thank you for all that you do!  We will be back again in two months for the next vacation!

Only the BEST for my babies! Proud Yorkie Mama

We brought our very inquisitive terrier-mix in for your Snake Avoidance Training a few months ago.  She’s a rescue and has always been skittish with people but has never had issues running up to every other living thing that moves.  I was very impressed with your trainer, Jill.  She explained everything to us in detail before taking me through the course (my wife sat in the car.  She really doesn’t like snakes).  And sure enough, last week Ruby encountered a rattlesnake in our own backyard.  She was able to alert my wife and get her out of the garden until I was able to get it.  Thank you!  We feel so much safer!

Snake Training that WORKS! K. Wilson

I can’t believe I never knew you guys were right off the freeway! This is exactly what I need!  Every day on the way into the office I pop in, drop off and pick up on my way home.  Best part?  No more torn up pillows and sofas at home!  Doggy Daycare is amazing!




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