Dog training is a vital part of having a positive and long-lasting relationship with your pup. However, it can be challenging for some owners to make it happen. The good news is that our award-winning Board and Train program can help. Whether you’re traveling out of town or simply have a busy lifestyle, our Board and Train program allows your dog to get all the training he or she needs without you having to break your stride.

About Our Board and Train Program

Board and Train is by far the most convenient and effective dog training program we offer in Tucson. Our goal is to give your pup a strong foundation they can build upon for the rest of their lives by giving them the best and most beneficial training possible.

To ensure your pup gets the most effective training possible, Central Pet with a respected and local dog trainer, who specializes in obedience training and behavior modification. During their stay, our trainer will teach your fur baby how to be a polite and well-behaved member of the family by instructing them on commands, behaviors, and good manners, as well as any specific behaviors you would like them to learn.

In addition to working with them daily, we will observe their personality traits, monitor their behavior, and find the most effective form of training that will help your pet be the best pet they can be.

Once the training is complete, we will show you what your pet has learned and teach you how to keep reinforcing those skills at home so your pup can continue to be a well-rounded companion.


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