Our Toad Avoidance classes offer a 15-minute training session that could save your dog's life.

Pet poisonings occur in many ways, including encounters with poisonous animals. In Arizona, one such animal that can be extremely harmful to your pooch is the Colorado River toad (also known as the Sonoran Desert toad). If licked or swallowed, this toad can be incredibly toxic to your dog, causing symptoms that range from severe discomfort to paralysis and even death. Your pet may also suffer if a toad sits in his or her drinking water for a long enough period of time. Because your dog is inquisitive by nature and because this toad can be so lethal, teaching your dog to avoid them is crucial.  

What to Expect During Toad Avoidance Class

To provide the most effective dog training on toad avoidance in Arizona, Central Pet has partnered with Animal Experts, Inc. to offer a 15-minute training session that could save your dog’s life.

Animal Experts

Our goal is to provide a safe, controlled, and authentic training experience for your dog, which includes:

  • Learning to recognize (and avoid) toads by sight, sound and scent to prepare them for the many ways in which they might encounter the deadly amphibian 
  • Walking through a short course that will allow them to come upon toads in different settings and give them the opportunity to react accordingly (all toads on site are muzzled and with a handler)

To ensure your dog is successful, E-collars are used for this training session.


Toad-Proof Your Pooch Today

Our certified dog trainer, working with Animal Experts, hosts our Toad Avoidance training classes, which run throughout the spring and summer when toxic toads are most active. 

Classes are run multiple days a week at Central Pet in Tucson.

Use the form below to contact our team for more information on classes and upcoming dates!