is your pet getting carsick? tips for preventing motion sickness in dogs and cats

Pet Getting Carsick? How to Prevent Motion Sickness in Dogs and Cats

Motion sickness is not just an annoyance that affects humans. Did you know your dog and cat can get carsick too? 

scared dog - keeping pets safe during firework seasons provided by central pet az

How to Help Your Pets Safe During Fireworks Season

It's that time of year, again - firework season. And that can mean some great times with friends and family, but it can also be a time of stress for many pets and their owners. 

Did Your Dog Eat Too Much? How to Deal with Canine Bloat

Did Your Dog Eat Too Much? How to Deal with Canine Bloat

Dogs can be a rambunctious group, no matter the breed, and they come with a natural curiosity that brings a lot of fun and excitement. However, this exact behavior can also lead to some scary...

How to Calm Your Dog's Grooming Anxiety and At-Home Dog Grooming Tips

How to Calm Your Dog's Grooming Anxiety PLUS At-Home Dog Grooming Tips

Have you tried to get your dog groomed, but they were so nervous that the appointment didn’t work out? It can be heartbreaking to think that, while your pet is being taken good care of by pet care...

central pet in tucson provides pet parents with 9 Fun Ways to Play with Your Dog

9 Fun Ways to Play with Your Dog

Ensuring that your dog gets regular exercise has various benefits for their health and happiness. Dogs that get routine exercise are less likely to struggle with health conditions connected with...

Dogs: Wet food vs. Dry Food-which is better? find out with the help of central pet az

Dogs: Wet Food vs. Dry Food. Which is Better?

You are what you eat… it’s true for you and your dog! Choosing the right dog food for your pup is no simple task with the countless companies, brands, age-specific foods, and more. Just look at all...

signs you are making your dog uncomfortable and how to help them

Are You Making Your Dog Uncomfortable? How To Tell

Dogs usually love attention including all the hugs and petting they can get, but even when living in a loving home, your dog may show signs of stress. Every dog has likes and dislikes, just like...

pet holidays that are worth celebrating this year

Not Your Average Holidays, But Pet Holidays!

Your pet brings you so much joy and happiness. Of course, these benefits are a two-way street with them getting just as much from you as well.

ways to introduce your new pet to your current pets - central pet arizona

10 Steps for Introducing Your New Pet to the Current Pets in Your Home

It's an exciting time when you bring home a new pet! You may be thinking of ways to introduce your new dog or cat to the ones that already live in your home, hoping to have them become friends for...

5 ways to keep your senior dog active - central pet arizona

5 Ways to Keep Your Senior Dog Active

Just like people, as dogs get older, they get stiff joints and develop some health challenges. Maybe they can’t go on hikes or play fetch like they used to, but they’re still treasured companions who...

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