Dog Boarding vs. Pet Sitting: Is a Pet Hotel the Best Choice for You?
Apr 12, 2024

Dog Boarding vs. Pet Sitting: Is a Pet Hotel the Best Choice for You?

Every dog owner knows the feeling that comes with getting ready to go out of town. Finding someone to care for your fur baby while you’re gone is top of your to-do list, and you just want to know that your dog is in good hands. Traveling with peace of mind is a lot easier when you have a trusted caretaker who will treat your dog like their own. You can choose a variety of different approaches, including dog boarding or pet sitting. Dog boarding involves dropping your dog off at an overnight facility. Pet sitting means hiring an individual to come to your home and care for your pet daily. 

These two options offer their own unique pros and cons. This article will break down the differences between both and give some tips on what may be the best choice for you and your dog.

How Does Dog Boarding Work?

Dog boarding involves leaving your dog at a pet boarding facility where they will be cared for with their regular meals, outdoor time, and even playtime in some cases.

Pros and Cons of Dog Boarding

Whether or not boarding is the best option for your dog depends on a number of factors. Mainly, being intentional about the facility you choose and doing plenty of research first is the best way to ensure a positive experience.

Benefits of pet boarding include:

  • It includes more socialization. Your dog will be in the company of caretakers and won’t feel isolated at home, which helps to alleviate separation anxiety. Dogs boarding at Central Pet in Tucson get 5 daily trips to a private play yard, and smaller pups have the option to participate in group play with our other petite guests.
  • Skilled caretakers treat your pet as if they are their own and are skilled in special tasks, such as administering medications.
  • It helps with maintaining your pet’s routines and predictability each day.
  • High-quality boarding facilities allow your dog plenty of outdoor playtime.
  • You can make your pet boarding experience an all-in-one opportunity. Some dog boarding facilities offer additional services like dog grooming, tooth brushing, and doggy daycare.
  • Pet boarding ensures high security for dogs who like to try to escape.
  • Some facilities will offer video cameras that allow you to peek in and see how your pup is doing.

Every pet boarding facility is different, and often, dog owners are reluctant to send their dogs to a boarding facility for several reasons.

Drawbacks of pet boarding include:

  • It may seem a little scary for your dog at first since they will be in a new environment.
  • You can’t control the other pets that are at the facility.
  • If your dog doesn’t get along with other pets, this can make boarding difficult for you and stressful for your dog.

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How Does In-Home Dog Sitting Work?

Pet sitting involves having a caretaker come to your home daily to take care of your pet while you’re away. Usually, a few visits per day are necessary if your dog doesn’t have a way to get outside to relieve himself.

Some pet owners like the idea of a pet sitter since your dog can stay in their familiar space and receive more individualized care. However, you should keep in mind that there are some downsides as well. 

You can find a dog sitter through an online service, or you may be able to find a friend or family member who can watch your dog for you. If you can find someone you trust who will spend the night at your home, this can be a better option since it can help prevent your dog from feeling isolated and lonely.

Pros and Cons of Pet Sitting

Pet sitters are a good option for some, but they aren’t the best option for everyone. Below, we have listed some pros and cons of pet sitting.

Benefits of pet sitting include:

  • They provide individualized care for your dog.
  • There is no risk of them getting sick from another animal.
  • If your dog has a sensitive stomach and frequently struggles with diarrhea or other health conditions, they may not be a good candidate for pet boarding, making pet sitting the ideal choice.
  • Your dog gets to remain at home in their familiar space.
  • Your pet sitter can send you texts or call with updates and send photos of your dog(s) while the sitter is at your home.
  • You can have someone who checks in on the status of your home, if necessary.

Drawbacks of pet sitting include:

  • It is generally more lonely and isolating than pet boarding. When dogs are bored, they can “find” things to do, however, you may not like it. They’re more prone to chewing on things such as furniture or shoes if they have too much time on their hands.
  • There is more prep work for you, such as moving plants and other objects that they could “get into” and the need to write up detailed instructions.
  • Pet sitters may not be as skilled with tasks like administering medications.
  • You could end up with someone you don’t know really well in your home, where they have access to your valuables.

Every dog has unique needs. Make sure you consider their needs and the environments in which they thrive the most when choosing between pet sitting and boarding.

Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitting: What is the Cost Difference?

When choosing which way to go, sometimes there is a perception that in-home is cheaper than boarding. If you go with someone like a neighbor or family member there’s a chance they won’t charge you as much or at all. But it can be hard to impose on someone you know especially if you travel often or you will be gone for a while. 

The cost of pet boarding and pet sitting will vary quite a bit depending on where you live. A very broad estimate shows that there may not be a very big difference between the two. The average cost of pet boarding is around $30-$50 per pet per night. This can be higher depending on any add-ons such as extra play time or medication administration that may be needed. 

The average cost of pet sitting in the United States is around $25 per 30-minute visit with your pets in your home. If you need to have your pets visited 2-3 times per day, you may be looking at $50-$75 per day.

How to Find the Best Caretaker for Your Pet

If you’re going to leave your dog overnight, we recommend finding a high-quality boarding facility to provide care for your pet. With dog boarding services at Central Pet, you’ll know that your dog is in good hands. We offer outdoor play areas so pets get plenty of fresh air while in our care. Our skilled caretakers know how to administer medications and strive to treat your pet like one of their own. We also offer add-on services like grooming, doggy daycare, and tooth brushing

It is essential that you do plenty of research before hiring a boarding facility or pet sitter. You’ll want to make sure that they are someone who is willing to take exceptional care of your pet and that you can trust them to show up for your pet. If they’ll be in your home you may want to take another level of evaluation before allowing them in. 

Central Pet in Tucson offers the benefits of pet boarding without all of the drawbacks. Our highly skilled staff is trained in caring for pets, and we strive to treat your dog like one of our very own. High-quality sleep space and highly skilled caretakers help to make boarding a comfortable and fun experience for your pooch.

Trustworthy and High-Quality Pet Boarding in Tucson, Arizona

Leaving your pet overnight can definitely be a little nerve-wracking. Of course, you want to know that your dog is being cared for well. We are happy to provide luxury pet boarding in the Tucson area. With the right pet boarding service, your dog may not even notice that you left. If you have questions, check out our frequently asked questions about boarding for dogs, cats, or other pets. 

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