The Bone Bar at Central Pet

You have probably seen our ‘Bone Bar’ before when you come into our stores and you may have asked yourself, what is a Bully Stick? Bully sticks are a single ingredient dog treat. The only ingredient is beef pizzle! Not only are Bully Sticks a natural, one-ingredient dog treat, but they are also a 100% beef muscle treat. Because Bully Sticks are made with only bull pizzle, they are 100% digestible! This is important to bring up as not all dog treats are completely digestible. Now you know what a beef bully stick is made of! You will find many other all natural single ingredient treats on our Bone Bar too! We have a variety of jerky treats (beef, chicken, and rabbit), tendons, beef tracheas, ears (beef, pork and lamb), antlers, chicken and duck feet, dried sardines, etc. We also sell a variety of Bully Sticks to meet every pet’s needs, they come in 6” or 12” sections, also braided and twists.

The biggest health benefit of natural dog treats and chews are that they serve as a form of natural dog teeth cleaning. The mechanical action of chewing works to strengthen your dog’s teeth and can also reduce the amount of tartar and plaque buildup.

In addition, besides their great flavor that dog’s love, they are incredibly high in protein and low in fat. This combination of high protein and low fat make them a health chew option for dogs with weight problems.

Stop by and check out our Bone Bar today to find your dog’s new favorite, long lasting, healthy, beneficial treat!

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