Monsoon Safety Tips For Pet Owners

Arizona’s monsoon season is beginning soon, and it can be a scary time for pet owners and their furry companions. However, it doesn’t have to be! By making sure that you are both informed and prepared, you can help your pets with the added stress that this season can bring. If you’ve never experienced monsoon season in Arizona, it isn’t as terrifying as it may sound. Arizona’s monsoon season begins June 15th and goes through the end of September. Simply stated, monsoon season means an increase in thunderstorms and rainfall over large areas of the Southwestern United States, including Arizona. Unfortunately, due to Arizona’s hard, desert ground, the water falls quicker than it can be absorbed, causing flash flooding, property damage and road closures. While many Arizonians are generally aware of the need to protect their homes and vehicles from possible damage, they may sometimes forget that there are serious dangers that these storms can pose to our beloved pets as well. Fortunately, there are some super, simple ways to make your pets more comfortable during this rainy season.

How to Comfort Your Pet During Storms

Here are five tips to help keep your little ones safe during the season:

  • Create a safe space.
  • Plan potty breaks ahead of time.
  • Comfort your pets.
  • Keep them distracted.
  • Bring your pets inside.

1. Create a safe space.

Before the rainy season begins, create a special “safe place” in your home where your pet can easily go to feel safe and secure. This could be their usual kennel or a bed tucked into a corner that makes them feel protected from the thundering sounds that will sometimes fill your home.

2. Plan potty breaks ahead of time.

When you know a storm is approaching, be sure that your pets have an opportunity to go outside and relieve themselves prior to the downpour. Many pets will be too frightened to go out during a monsoon so encouraging them to do so beforehand can help to prevent accidents while they wait out the storms inside.

3. Comfort your pets.

Look into some of the products designed specifically for pets frightened by thunderstorms and rain, such as compression vests or supplements:

  • thundershirt for dogsCompression vests, such as the Thundershirt, are safe and easy-to-use garments that apply gentle, constant pressure to your pet, much like swaddling an infant. They come in a variety of sizes and work wonders for the majority of pets who become anxious due to outside stimuli.
  • Supplements, such as CBD products, pheromones, Holistic Hound, or Rescue Remedy, are homeopathic, natural ways to help support calm behavior in pets during any stressful situation. Typically these supplements are very easy to use and will work to calm and relax your pets.

4. Keep them distracted. 

Turning on the television or radio can help to drown out the noise of the storms. Also, engaging your dog in a game of tug-of-war, fetch, puzzle feeders, or simply cuddles can help keep them distracted from the chaos happening outside of your home.

5. Bring your pets inside.

Finally, never leave your pets outside during a monsoon. Pets who usually live outdoors can still be frightened or injured by the intense winds, rains, and thunder. More pets are lost during this monsoon season than during any other time in Arizona. A frightened animal may go to extreme measures to escape the loud sounds and building water, sometimes injuring themselves in the process.

That fence that you think they can’t jump? You’d be surprised!

If you have no other option than to leave them outdoors, ensure that no amount of digging, pulling, or climbing will allow them to escape their enclosure. Also, be sure that their enclosure is on high enough ground that it won’t fill with water, causing them discomfort or possibly drowning.

Following these simple steps can help both you and your pets to have a safe and less stressful monsoon season in Arizona. Don’t forget to reward them with an extra treat or some fun play time in the puddles once the storm passes! (Reward yourself, too! You did great!)

If you have any questions or need more information on calming supplements for your dog, you can reach out to the Central Pet staff, who are always happy to help you choose supplements that are best for your situation.

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