A Holiday Gift Guide: Pet Edition

Our dogs and cats are more than just pets. They are beloved family members that bring us joy on a daily basis. And that is why you really need to include your fur babies on your holiday shopping lists. Most pets love getting and opening presents as much as their human companions. So, make sure that you don't disappoint them this holiday season. 

The Top 5 Gifts for Your Cat This Holiday Season

1. Rolling Ball Track Toy

Cats love to chase things. And that's why they will love this type of toy, which consists of a circular track and a ball that your cat can bat around. While there are many variations on the rolling ball toy, we really like the Leaps & Bounds Cat Track Toy with Sisal Mat. It has paw-sized holes on the top, so that your cat can attack the ball from above or from the sides. And the ball makes a jingly sound as it rolls. Plus, the top of the Cat Track Toy is covered with a sisal mat for your kitty's scratching pleasure. 

2. Laser Pointer

You don't have to spend a lot of money to keep your feline entertained. Take the basic laser pointer. Just point the little red dot on the wall or floor near your kitty and watch your fur baby's instinct to hunt kick in. It's the perfect toy for those days when you just want to kick back in your chair, but your feline friend wants to play. If you want to go more high-tech, there are also automatic, stand-alone units -- such as the PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy -- that emits a laser dot in random patterns. This toy is great for keeping your cat entertained while you're busy or away from home. 

3. Cat Tunnel 

It's in a cat's nature to want to hide and pounce on unsuspecting passers-by. That's why kitties love a good play tunnel. Not only can they hide and launch attacks from the tunnel, most felines also love rolling and playing on the crinkly material. And, of course, zoomies are more fun when your cat can include a fast run through a tunnel. And when your cat is finally all tuckered out and needs a place to get away from it all, don't be surprised to find your feline fast asleep in their tunnel. The best tunnels, such as the Frisco Foldable Crinkle Play Tunnel -- fold down for easy storage when not in use. 

4. CBD Oil

Are you the pet parent of an anxious feline? Or, perhaps, you have an older cat that has been a little stiff and achy. If so, the best present for your kitty this holiday season might be CBD oil, which comes from the cannabis plant. In humans, studies have shown that CBD oil can help patients sleep better and feel less anxious. CBD oil has also been shown to help manage epileptic seizures in both humans and dogs -- though no studies have yet been conducted for cats. In addition, many pet parents claim that the oil, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties can help a cat deal with arthritis.  

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5. Flipping Fish  

Imagine your cat's delight when they're given a toy that not only looks realistic, but also flops and flips like a true fish out of water. Toys, such as the Floppy Fish Cat Toy from Kittenfy, are lightweight enough for your cat to bat around and even hug and bite. And because this toy is motion-activated, cats can turn it on by themselves just by engaging with it. The Floppy Fish is made from a soft, scratch resistant material and is USB rechargeable. In addition, this toy will turn itself off if not played with for a while. 

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Dog 

1. Kong

A Kong is one of the most versatile toys on the market. So, if your pup doesn't have one, it's time to wrap a Kong up for the holidays. These toys are made from a durable, all-natural, non-toxic rubber material that can stand up to the jaws of most dogs. When thrown, the oddly shaped Kong bounces unpredictably, which can stimulate a canine's prey drive. Even better, these hollow toys can be stuffed with a variety of fillings, including peanut butter, dog food, cottage cheese or even canned pumpkin. Want to make the treat last longer? Freeze the Kong. That should keep your dog busy for a while. 

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2. Fishing Pole Toy

Does your dog have a high prey drive or love to chase things? Then, they will absolutely go crazy for a fishing pole-style toy, which is also known as a flirt pole. These toys resemble strong fishing poles and typically have a nylon rope attached to a small toy. All you have to do is simply drag or wave the toy just out of your pup's reach. Most dogs absolutely love the challenge of trying to capture the elusive prey. The best poles, such as the Pet Fit for Life Plush Wand Squeaky Dog Toy, do not use bungee cords, which could injure your pet. 

3. Edible Treats

If your dog could talk, the number one item they probably would ask for would be a delicious treat. But not all yummies are created equally. Some are big no-no's. For example, you should avoid giving your pup rawhide treats because they can be hard for a dog to digest and they can also be a choking hazard. Cooked bones are also a no-no. When chewed up, they can splinter and cause injury to your dog's digestive system. Instead, stuff your pup's holiday stocking with delicious and safe treats like bully sticks, jerky treats, frozen marrow bones, antlers and beef tracheas. 

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4. Puzzle Toys

Bored dogs can get into a lot of mischief. That's why we love giving ours a good puzzle toy. One of our favorites is Outward Hound's Hide a Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy. This toy consists of a furry log and a passel of small squirrels. Dogs love figuring out how to remove the small stuffed squirrels from the log. Not a fan of squirrels? No worries. This toy comes in a variety of sizes and in a slew of variations. For example, there is a dinosaur version with a volcano to hide in; a raccoon variation with a trash can; and a tree filled with monkeys. 

5. Durable Squeaky Toy

Almost every dog we know is intrigued by squeaky toys. Unfortunately, most squeaky toys tend to be soft plushes that are easy for a dog to rip apart in a matter of days or even minutes. The Chase 'n Chomp Durable TPR Squeaking Dumbbell Dog Toy is different. It's been manufactured to last. Some owners have even called it indestructible (but we know that there will always be "that" dog who can wreak havoc on even the strongest toys). And because this dumbbell floats, it can also be used as a water toy.   

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