7 Ways Your Pup Can Help Make Your Marriage Proposal Extra Memorable

You’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and now the time has come to propose. But how do you go about it? If you’re a dog lover, that’s easy--have your fur baby help you! It may sound strange, but involving your four-legged buddy is a wonderful way to make pop the question.

Here are 7 ways your pup can help make your marriage proposal one that certainly won’t be forgotten.

  1. Dress your dog for the occasion

  2. Let your pooch play ring bearer for the day

  3. Buy your dog a personalized tag or collar

  4. Have your canine wear a sign

  5. Hire your doggie as a videographer

  6. Let him lead your love down a trail of treats

  7. Teach your fur baby to fetch the ring


1. Dress Your Dog for the Occasion

You don’t have to be the only one who can get gussied up for the special occasion--your dog can, too! Several retailers offer cute pet apparel, including tuxedos, bowties, dresses, and beaded collar-like necklaces with bows, meaning you can both look good as you get down on one knee. You never know, your dog might do such an awesome job you may want him or her to take part in the wedding!

2. Let Your Pooch Play Ring Bearer for Day

What’s sweeter than a beloved pet carrying a ring on his collar to your future spouse? In addition to being incredibly romantic, the time you spent training your pooch shows just how much you really care. And, it’s a good run-through if your furry friend will also be helping out on the big day.

It’s important to remember that accidents can happen. So, for your pooch’s safety, take time to ensure that the ring is properly secured. The last thing you want is your fur baby to get hurt by swallowing the engagement ring.

3. Buy Your Dog a Personalized Tag or Collar

Let your dog do the asking by having the question engraved on a customized dog tag or embroidered on a collar. Casually ask your significant other to take a peek at your dog’s new tag or collar and watch their face light up with delight when they see “Will You Marry Me?” engraved on it!

4. Have Your Canine Wear a Sign

Have a custom sign created for your dog to wear and then plan for your significant to meet you both somewhere. A hand-painted sign with “Will You Marry My Human?” or a chalkboard sign with the option to “Check Yes or No” is sure to be a surprise! Consider checking out sellers on Etsy where they can make any custom sign you want.

Be sure the sign isn’t tied too tight around your dog’s neck. While wearing a sign is incredibly cute, it can be dangerous if they could choke.

5. Hire Your Doggie as a Videographer

Want to capture the moment on video? Consider letting your dog play cameraman (or woman)! Attach a GoPro to your pooch’s collar and have them sit and record it all. It’s something the three of you can watch over and over again in future years.

6. Let Him Lead Your Love Down a Trail of Treats

If your beloved regularly helps out with walking your fur baby, consider having your dog lead your spouse-to-be to a proposal location. Leave a note at the door sweetly requesting them to take the dog for a walk. Beforehand, lay out a trail of treats for your dog to follow. It’s sure to be a surprise when they both find you!

7. Teach Your Fur Baby to Fetch the Ring

Lots of dogs enjoy playing catch, so why not teach yours to fetch the ring? Secure the ring to your dog’s favorite toy or simply teach him or her to fetch the ring box. Again, it’s important to remember to tightly secure any loose jewelry for your fur baby’s safety. You want the proposal to be delightful, not disastrous.

Once you and your pooch seal the deal, it’s time to get creative with how he or she can help out on the big day! 

If you are making your pet a part of your special day, don't forget to make an appointment for pet grooming to make sure your fur baby is looking their best. 

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