Why Choose Orijen Pet Food?
Aug 12, 2016

Why Choose Orijen Pet Food?

As a responsible pet parent, you want to do the right thing for your dog or cat.  That's why picking the right food for your pet is so very important.  With the large variety of foods on the market, it can be hard to know which brand is best. Orijen pet foods definitely make the top of the list!  

Origen Pet Food in Tucson and Amado Arizona

Orijen foods are "biologically appropriate" for your pet.  This means that they are based on a diet that your little one would naturally eat in the wild.  As the company clarifies: “The biologically appropriate concept is simple: mirror the quantity, freshness, and variety of meats that nature evolved dogs and cats to eat.”  

While this food rates high on the palatability charts, they offer 7 flavor varieties to please even the pickiest of eaters.  But the meat content is where they really shine.  Every Orijen bag contains between 75 and 80 percent meat.  In addition, they follow a "whole prey" model, which means that your pet gets meat, marrow, and cartilage, all of which have great benefits for your dog or cat. 

A Canadian-based company, Orijen also uses fresh, regional ingredients from responsible farmers.  These ingredients are then delivered to their facility DAILY.  This means that the meat they source is fit for human consumption, and goes from farm to kitchen within 3 days and into the Orijen foods within 2 days.  Farm to bag in 5 days!

Origen Cat and Dog Food in Tucson and Amado Arizona

They also run everything in-house, which means there are no third-party kitchens or manufacturers so that Orijen can maintain its high level of quality.  If you're looking for a change and only want to feed the best, stop into our Central Pet location and try a bag of Orijen today!  You'll be glad that you did!

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