How to Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy During Fireworks Season

It’s that time of year, again… Firework season. And that can mean some great times with friends and family, but it can also be a time of stress for many pets and their owners. 

Although celebrations around the Fourth of July are known for fireworks, the Animal Poison Control Center also gets calls about these scary noisemakers around New Year’s Eve. Here are some things you can do to help keep your pets safe and happy this Firework Season. 

10 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During Firework Season

1. Keep your pets inside. 

Even if you typically take your dog for a long walk late in the evening, it’s safer to skip it or shorten it on the days when there are still fireworks being set off. Many partygoers don’t wait until nightfall to set off fireworks.

2. Keep your dog on a leash during walks.

If you’re out with your dog and he’s startled by a loud explosion, he could bolt into the darkness unless he’s on a leash. 

3. Check your backyard for possible escape routes.

Even if you normally leave your dogs outside in the backyard with no issues, fireworks could frighten them. Frightened dogs are more likely to try to escape by digging under or jumping over fences, or squeezing through gates. Look for any loose boards, gates that don’t quite shut, or areas where they’ve tried to dig out before to be sure everything is as secure as possible. 

4. Keep doors secure. 

If you’re keeping your pets indoors to help them feel safe during fireworks, keep the doors securely shut. This makes it harder for your pet to squeeze through and escape. If your pet escapes in the darkness, he’s much more likely to become lost, struck by a vehicle, or taken by someone. Even if your pet has never bolted through an open door before, fear of fireworks could elicit a flight response.

5. Surround them with comfort. 

If you’re there with your pet during fireworks, give them reassurance. They may be pacing, barking, hiding, or panting excessively. Give them physical touch. If your pet feels safe in a crate that’s normally in another part of your house, bring it into whatever room you’ll be in during the peak fireworks time. Speak to your pet in soothing tones and provide plenty of TLC! If you have a strict off-the-furniture policy, New Year's Eve or the 4th of July might warrant making an exception to this rule.

6. Use CBD to lower anxiety.

We know that using CBD can help lower pet anxiety (Check out our blog: CBD for Pet Anxiety). Using a non-THC CBD oil or treats for your dog can help relieve her anxiety naturally. If you haven’t used this before, it’s best to use the lowest amount possible at first. If CBD is in your plans for this year’s fireworks season, start it days before to see how your pets react and the dosage that works well for them. If you’re in the area stop into one of our Tucson locations and we can help you choose a CBD product for your pet.

7. Board them. 

If you won’t be home to comfort your pets, consider boarding them at a facility that’s not located near any residential areas or planned fireworks celebrations. Make sure to explain why you’re considering boarding them (to keep them away from the sounds of fireworks), and ask them about their protocol for comforting anxious pets.

8. Vacation with them. 

A lot of people like to travel with their pets. If you’re going to be somewhere remote, where there won’t be a lot of noise, this could be a great option for keeping your pet happy over the firework season. Check out our checklist for traveling with your dog.

9. Drown the sights and sounds. 

Keep your windows, curtains, and blinds closed as it gets darker. You can muffle the frightening booms and crashes by turning up the volume on your stereo or TV. 

10. Talk to your neighbors. 

You might let your neighbors know that your pup may react to fireworks so they can be on the lookout if they should bolt. And, perhaps they can let you know in advance if they’re planning to shoot any fireworks off so you can prepare your pet. 

We hope you and your pet are able to happily enjoy the holiday and all of the festivities.