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How to minimize your dogs separation anxiety as you prepare to return to the office

How to Minimize Your Dog's Anxiety as You Prepare to Return to Work

When you started working from home, you and your dog thought that was the best because you could be with your dog all day. Plus, your dog was loving the extra attention. However, with the...

What every pet parent should know about heartworms and mosquitos

What Every Pet Parent Should Know About Heartworms

Spring is coming at us full force, and with those warm, sunny days, it's likely that you and your pet will be enjoying some of the nice weather! As you're outside more and your pet is exploring, make...

The Advantages of Crate Training Your Dog

The Advantages of Crate Training Your Dog

The Advantages of Crate Training One of the first things veterinarians and trainers recommend when you get a new puppy is to crate train it. Many people believe crate training is “mean,” but in...

5 natural remedies for your dog's aliments

5 Natural Remedies for Dogs that You May Not Know About

Pet parents are notoriously dedicated to their four-legged pals. Whether you have a small yet spirited pooch or a gentle giant, you are likely willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they are...

A well trained dog is a confident dog

A Well-Trained Dog is a Confident Dog

A confident dog is a happy dog. Dog training and socialization will help increase confidence. Dogs don’t know instinctively how we want them to behave. They don’t naturally have good manners. Just...

How to find the right dog food for your dog

Picking the Right Dog Food for Your Dog

Your dog is family, and you want to make sure they get the best nutrition possible. When it comes to food though, many people don’t put a lot of thought into what they are feeding their dog. Often...

5 Subtle Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

Does Your Dog Have Anxiety? 5 Signs You Might Not Expect

Anxiety is tough on dogs, especially when owners don’t know the signs of stress in dogs. A dog will give off clues when it is feeling anxious so learning not only what the signs are but what your...

What to Expect at Central Pet's Doggy Daycare

What to Expect at Central Pet's Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare at Central Pet provides convenience and peace of mind for pet parents, and socialization and improved quality of life for pets themselves. Dogs who attend doggy daycare have less...

do you have a bad dog or just restless?

Is Your Mischievous Pooch a Bad Dog or Just Restless?

Do you have a dog that just seems to be an expert at getting into trouble? When you return home, do you find that your trash cans have been knocked over and your shoes gnawed apart? If so, you have...

dog reading book - how smart is your dog

Just How Smart is Your Dog?

You talk to your dog and they listen, really listen. You look into those deep, soulful eyes and just know that they are taking in every single word– and understanding everything that you say.