7 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pet Groomer
Mar 02, 2020

7 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pet Groomer

For most pet owners, their four-legged friends are more than just pets— they’re family. So it’s only natural that they want to ensure that their fur baby receives the best care possible, even when it comes to who takes care of their grooming. As with most businesses out there, not all pet grooming services are created equal. This is why you should take time to ask some important questions before signing on.

Dig For the Information You Need

Once you’ve narrowed your options, there is no substitute for having an in-person conversation with your groomer-to-be. Phone calls are certainly more convenient, but sometimes, they can be deceiving. You can usually tell a lot about people when talking to them in person, so if possible, take the time to meet with the groomer to discuss your questions and concerns. This way will ensure that you are completely comfortable with putting your pet into the groomer’s care.

From basic to a bit more personal, here are some important questions to consider asking:

1. How long have you been grooming, and where were you trained?

This person will be taking care of your precious fur baby, so it's likely you’ll want someone who has been grooming for a while— or at least, has been properly trained. If you are having your pet groomed at chain or franchise, the store will have likely checked their credentials to ensure they have the required training. But if you are going to a private groomer, you won’t know unless you ask— and don’t hesitate to contact the training facility if you have any doubts.

2. Do you have any special certifications?

In addition to simply being trained and licensed, there are certificate programs that a pet groomer can take (this is especially important if you need the groomer to be trained on a specific breed), organizations they can be a part of, and awards they may have won. Any of these would go a long way in boosting your confidence in a groomer’s abilities.

3. What is your grooming process?

Every groomer has their own process in which they provide their services. Some topics you might want to cover could include:

  • How long he or she keep pets for grooming
  • Where will your pet be kept before and after his or her appointment
  • Whether or not your pet will be supervised
  • If there are regular potty breaks

4. Can I see the grooming space?

If the groomer has nothing to hide and everything is as it should be, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Keep in mind, however, that in-home groomers won’t necessarily be inspected regularly like a larger grooming facility should. This isn’t a bad thing, as many in-home trainers are great. Regardless of which option you choose, if you don’t like what you see, find a different groomer.

When it comes to watching your dog get groomed, don’t be taken aback if the groomer says no. A lot of times, owners can be a big distraction for their pets, which can make the whole process difficult for everyone involved. Depending on where you go, you might be able to stay nearby, at least on-site. Some groomers even have a camera set up to where you can watch, from a distance, of course!

5. How is your pricing structured?

Prices for grooming typically depend on the size of your pet, the breed of your pet, and of course, the services being done. On average, you can expect anywhere from $40 to $75+. Even more, possibly, if you opt for a mobile groomer or have a specialty breed.

While some groomers may offer packages that include a variety of services, such as shampooing, fur trimming, and nail/claw clipping, others may charge à la carte. Knowing what’s included will ensure you get more bang for your buck.

6. What steps are in place to ensure my pet’s safety?

Sure, accidents happen, but it helps to have a groomer you have absolute confidence in. After all, your fur baby is literally in their hands. Don’t hesitate to ask about the status of their equipment or about the ingredients in the products they use. Find out what restraints they use and then research to see if they are ones known to keep pets from spinning, getting tangled in the loop, leaping, and/or falling from tables and biting. The more you know, the more at ease you’ll feel.

7. What are your emergency procedures?

If an injury or accident should happen, it’s good to know how that groomer will handle it. Find out if they have first-aid supplies such as gauze, bandages, peroxide, and antibiotic cream on-site to treat your pet (or themself) if needed.

Asking the Right Questions Will Ease Your Mind

Again, don't be afraid to ask the pet groomer these questions or any other questions you may have, especially if your pet has any medical needs or issues, such as arthritis or allergies. If they seem reluctant to answer what you’ve asked, keep looking! If you look for a groomer in the same manner you’d look for any other professional, you’ll eventually find the perfect match for you and your furry friend.

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