You already know the importance of teaching your dog basic obedience. But did you know that teaching your dog tricks is also worthy of your attention? If you’re looking for something that will not only benefit your dog but allow the two of you to do something fun together, consider enrolling in a tricks training class! 

The Benefits of Teaching Any Dog New Tricks

The benefits of learning tricks goes well beyond impressing people. What you might not know is that: 

  • Tricks are fun and keep things interesting! 
  • Tricks can increase your dog’s self-confidence.
  • Tricks can help reduce your dog’s anxiety. 
  • Tricks can give your dog a good mental and physical workout. 
  • Tricks are a great way to bond with your dog.

What to Expect in a Tricks Training Class

Our Tricks Class is a fun and engaging class that offers a learning experience for both you and your pet that breaks away from traditional dog obedience training.  We offer a variety of tricks for your fur baby to learn, which could include:  

  • High-fave, paw, or shake
  • Play dead
  • Spin
  • Leave it
  • Crawl
  • Rollover
  • Take a bow
  • Sit pretty 
  • Balance treat on nose
  • Weave between your legs

Contact Us Today to Get Started

Ready to build your bond with your pet while strengthening their obedience skills and learning some fun and impressive tricks? To make sure you get the attention you need, we keep class sizes small, which means spaces fill up quickly. Don’t miss your chance to participate and teach your dog a new trick or two. Contact us today!