Professional Tracking and Scent Detection, including Rescue and Recovery

With an amazing sense of smell, night vision, enhanced hearing, adaptability, and endurance, dogs have a natural talent for tracking. Tracking refers to a dog's ability to detect, recognize, and follow a specific scent or current disturbances in the ground. From law enforcement to search and rescue, a dog’s innate ability to detect and gather information has made them an invaluable resource. 

If your dog has a nose, he can track. However, when it comes to a professional setting, your dog needs to be trained. That’s where we come in. Central Pet’s training class is for both dog and handler to become effective in working professional tracking and scent detection, including rescue and recovery. With proper training, your dog could be ready to help with important tasks such as: 

  • Search and rescue— tracking, specialized search, avalanche rescue, and cadaver location
  • Detection— sniffing out substances such as illegal drugs, explosives, currency, blood, and contraband, insects (like bed bugs), and medical conditions, such as cancer and abnormal blood sugar levels or food allergies. Scent detection can also be a great hobby to pick up with your dog; either through casual nose work with your dog or at more competitive scent detection competitions.
  • And more! 

Our professional tracking and scent detection training classes include an 8 to 10-week ground disturbance training and one-on-one scent discrimination training. Training classes are offered both off-site and in a classroom setting for your convenience.

Nose and scent work is a great way to build a bond between you and your pet while working on command recognition and burning energy. Whether you prefer a more fun, relaxed approach or a timed competition, there is something for everyone!

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