ATTENTION: Regarding our merge with the PLAY location, we understand the community's concerns with the current illnesses seen around our community. Still, Central Pet is not housing any sick dogs and is fully operational. We thank you again for your continued support!

Ashley R.

Ashley R.


Certified Professional Groomer/Instructor

Animals have always been my biggest passion in life, and grooming is a great artistic outlet for me. I started working in groom shops as a bather at 16, and by 18 I was a certified dog and cat groomer. Central pet is my 4th grooming home, and I’m ecstatic to be working with such a great crew! I’ve learned a wide variety of techniques since I began in 2007, and take great pride in my scissor work and blending ability. My favorite breeds to work on are standard poodles, Bouviers, and Airedales. I love getting to know my clients and building a strong bond with their pet. It’s a great feeling to see a dog walk out of the shop with confidence in its step.

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