Training in Amadoadmin
Director of Training

"Dog training became my second career because of my love for animals. I want everyone to have the dog THEY want and I want to help make that happen. A little owner education and some basic dog training go a long way in having a happy home!" 

Jill joined the Central Pet family in mid 2009 and brings us her experience as a dog trainer, doggie daycare manager and animal assisted therapy tester.  She is an AKC CGC evaluator and Therapy Dog Incorporated Tester/Observer.  After rescuing and adopting a Mastiff in 2007, she became a big supporter of shelter, rescue and less fortunate animals. While Central Pet is not a shelter, we end up with a few  dogs we foster and adopt out; Jill oversees all adoptions.  She and her husband reside in Sonoita with a rescued Mastiff named Gus, Pete the Pit bull from The Animal League of Green Valley, a Rottweiler named Elsa and two crazy rescued kitties named Bates and Oliver.

Central Pet offers a wide variety of dog training options!

Call us today to schedule a complimentary, no obligation consultation with our veteran trainer, Jill Cruz, who will evaluate you and your dog’s needs. This will help her to determine what type of training would best suit you and your dog’s lifestyle. We are happy to customize a training program that will fit exactly what you are looking for.  Individual on-site and at-home training sessions available!


These classes start in the spring and run through September. Please call us if you have any questions about this training that could save your dog’s life!
Central Pet partners with the great guys at The Arizona Animal Experts, Marc Hammond and Jeff Carver ( Together, we are able to train hundreds of dogs to avoid rattlesnakes and Colorado River toads each year.



Basic Obedience

From potty training and basic commands to walking properly on a leash and appropriate behavior, Basic Obedience covers everything you need for dogs of ALL ages.  Ensure that both you and your pet have the skills you need to be life long companions.

Good Canine Citizen 

This is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs.  A natural step up from Basic Obedience.  At the end of this course you will take the CGC Certification test.  Once passed you will receive your certificate proving that both you and your pooch know your stuff!

Therapy Dog Readiness

Prepare your pet for work as a certified therapy dog and touch the lives of others.  This detail oriented class will prep you and your pet for hospital visits, school visits and where ever else you feel your pet would be of service.  Once completed our trainer will supply you with the resources needed to take and pass the final test through the organization of your choice.



Snake Training Works!

"The snake training worked today! We had a rattlesnake curled up under our dining room window in the back yard. Chloe started to investigate and jumped back instantly. The Fire Corps came and took the snake away. Thanks to you for saving our reformed dog (still behaving well!)"
Nancy A.

"Jill, just wanted you to know how grateful we are for your rattlesnake training! Unknown to us there was a 4 footer out in the backyard when we let our dogs out to play. We heard very sharp unrelenting barking from Finito. He was 6 feet away from the snake trying to alert us. Thanks to you, all our dogs are safe. Thank you so much!"
Lisa Cleary